Automobile Commercial

Business Auto is more complicated than your standard personal auto. They use 10 symbols, 1-9, and 19, to desricbe the covered autos. Some symbols are "any auto," "hired auto," "nonowned auto," and more. If you own autos in the business name you will need to choose the limits for bodily injury, property  damage, and unisured motorists, which have state minimum requirements.  You will also choose Comprehensive or Collision. If you have no busiensss autos you still may rent, hire, borrow, or lease autos for work and you or your empoyees may also use your persoal car for business in which you would have Hired & Nonowned Auto. This is avialble as an endorsmnet on the BOP or standalone.


The liability is going to be your legal obligation to pay another party for damages because of Bodily Injury(sickness, injury, disease, death, including mental/emotional injury) or Property Damage(loss of use of tangible property).

Physical Damage -

This will cover the business autos for direct physical damage from an accidental loss. You can choose from three types of coverages; specified peril, comprehensive, collision.

Specified peril- Fire, lighting, explosion, theft, wind, hail, earthquake, flood, mischief and vandalism, or damage during transport.

Comprehensive- Any cause of loss except collision or overturn. This includes all the specified perils.

Collision- Covered for collision with another object and overturn. This includes all of the comprehensive perils. This is the broadest coverage.

Symbol 1- Any Auto. This will cover any owned, hired, borrowed, or used by the insured's business.

Symbol 2- Owned Autos Only. Covers only autos that you own and acquire during the policy period.

Symbol 3- Owned Private Passenger Autos Only. This will cover only private passenger(cars) vehicles owned or acquired during the policy period.

Symbol 4-Owned Autos Other Than Private Passenger. This covers autos other than (cars) including trailers and semitrailers.

Symbol 5- Owned Autos Subject To No-Fault.   This covers owned owned autos in no-fault states where the owned autos are registered.

Symbol 6- Owned Autos Subject To Compulsory Uninsured Motorist Law. This covers in states where uninsured motorists coverage is required.

Symbol 7-Specifically Described Autos. This covers autos on the declarations page.

Symbol 8- Hired Autos Only. Tis covered for autos leased, rented, hired, or borrowed.

Symbol 9- Non-owned Autos Only. This covers for employees, partners, members cars when used in the course of business.

Symbol 19- Mobile equipment that's required to be registered and insured on the road.