The BOP, or Business Owners Policy, is a package policy that covers both the liability and property sections along with business income and extra expense. Think of it as the  Homeowners of your business.


Your buisness has property; chairs, desks, computers, tools, machines, ext. This is considered your BPP, or Business Personal Property. You may also have made investement in your store or resturant by installing flooring or decorations; this is considered a Betterment or Improvement and can be classifed as a BPP or Building coverage. And then if you own the building you can insure it under the Building coverage of your BOP policy.


Similar to your Homeowners Liability, your business can be held liable for lawsuits, bodily injury, and property damage. The most common losses are slip and falls or other personal injuries, property damage to clients, and lawsuits related to injuries or property damage.

Business Income

This is the most unique part of commercial insurance. Business Income provides money to keep operating your business after a claim. If you had a pipe break and water damaged your restaurant floor you couldn't run the business for 3 weeks. However, you would still have to pay for rent, debt, and all the other carrying costs of a business. Business Income & Extra Expense, BI & EE, will pay for these costs and any other costs you may have needed to get the business up and running again. The Extra Expense could be a generator rental after power outage; something you would;t normally buy but something necessary to get back and running after a loss.