Cyber is called by many names, data breach, privacy liability, network security, identity theft, data privacy. And to make it more confusing there is no single policy form like there is for homeowners; every company has a completely different form. However, the basis of the product is to protect you from loss caused to your system, network, files, and electronic data. These can come in the form of a DDoS, malware, ransomware, phising, funds transer, virus, worms, Trojan horses, human error, power surge, and more.

First Party

These are the costs that your business will have to spend if you are attacked. They include IT forensics and repair, legal fees, public relations, notification, and credit monitoring.

Third Party

These are costs associated when and other (third) party sues you. They can also be regulatory proceedings, HIPPA fines, or any other government agency fines.