Fire is the one of the perils that will be universally covered on every policy. Most underwriting companies even have the word in their name still. Fire will almost always be the result of a proximate cause; electrical spark, lightning, flammable materials. And even when fire is caused because of an excluded peril, say flood, the ensuing damage from fire will be covered. Fire can cause severe property damage but the are other aspects of the loss as well. The extinguisher, usually water, can cause damage to the buildings. And mold can form from there if not remediated quickly. Smoke damage can also be an insidious peril. Fire claims of size will most likely be investigated for arson as the incentive insurance fraud can be high when properties are financially underwater. Large fire claims will also tend to take significantly longer to resolve as insurance companies will be investigating the causes and may even look into finances as well. However, for the localized fire in a structure claims can be paid quickly.