Worker’s Compensation

Worker's Compensation, or Employer's Liability, is wage and medical benefits when a worker is injured at work or in a work related event or job. The coverage is state specific and the rules governing the limits, benefits, and coverages are all determined by the state. The coverage includes medial benefit and loss of wages. Most all injuries in the scope of work will be coverd by worker's compensation except There are three parts to the policy; worker's compensation, employer's liabiltiy, other states.

Workers Compensation-

Provides coverage for medical benefits and loss of use to employees injured on or in the scope of work. An employee who cuts themselves, breaks their arm, or develops a long term disability like carpal tunnel will be covered under this section.

Employer's Liabiltiy-

Provides coverage for suits against the company that are excluded under worker's compensation. This can occur in action-over, negligence, loss of consortium, and dual capacity suits. This is sometimes called stop gap coverage and if you employees are working in Ohio, North Dakota, Wyoming, or Washington, this coverage is necessary.

Other States-

This provides coverage to employees when they are working, traveling, or operating in states outside the businesses domiciled state.